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Compre o livro TODOS OS TELEFONES DO PRESIDENTE LULA em várias livrarias virtuais como, e no endereço abaixo:

  Este presente volume faz uma análise das ligações telefônicas que o juiz Sergio Moro retirou o sigilo do processo e permitiu que a sociedade brasileira tomasse conhecimento do complô que Lula, Dilma e a cúpula do Partido dos Trabalhadores tramavam contra o Brasil. Em seu plano de poder, o PT enriqueceu seus membros mais ilustres e arregimentava sua quadrilha na ralé da sociedade com seus exércitos paralelos como o MST, os ditos movimentos sociais, os sindicatos e grupos sanguessugas como a CUT (Central Única dos Trabalhadores).  As revelações das conversas telefônicas deixaram o Brasil estarrecido com as manobras ilegais que o PT tramava para livrar Lula das mãos pesadas da justiça federal, em especial, da REPÚBLICA DE CURITIBA, pois daquela capital brasileira, uma força conjunta da Policia Federal, do Ministério Público Federal e da Justiça Federal, desvendou-se o maior esquema de corrupção da história do Brasil e mesmo da história da humanidade. O volume de dinheiro desviado do erário público e da Petrobrás trata-se de uma soma astronômica que bandidos mancomunados transferiram para sustentar a máfia do PT

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    Bible Prophecy Revealed series of books
Devil Face in Smoke of 911 at the WTC
(NOW with EVEN MORE pictures)
You may have heard of the pictures taken of the World Trade Center while it was burning, in which the smoke formed the face of Satan. Some of these photos can be seen on videos of the blast. I have included an animation from another website that shows the same demon face. Then the second set of photos are yellow and red and the shape indicates that it is from exploding/burning jet fuel. You can also see lots of debri falling from the result of the impact and explosions.
The two in the middle I got from a video; I paused it and did a screen-capture to make the jpg photo, and the one on the right is enlarged. So I know for a fact that these pictures have NOT been altered in any way.face
People may ask themselves, why would there be faces in the smoke, and also, why so many? I believe I know the answer to that question.
Demons can feel and experience things like we can. Consider that picture of the demon below that has its head sticking up like it is on some kind of rollercoaster ride. An act of hatred and violence is a thrill ride for a demon, they not only participate, in so far as influencing someone to commit acts of violence, they get a thrill during the act. Demons knew what was going to happen in New York and they gathered there to jump in at the point of the impact, like a human jumping onto a moving train to have a thrill.
Most acts of violence are not as huge as this one, or last as long, or kill this many people, so this was DisneyLand for demons. There was the planes impacting and exploding and people jumping, and then the buildings falling down and killing over 2,000 people in the process. This was a dream come true for demons.
Some of the faces may even have been caused by God, as a sign, telling us that this was caused by the devil.
devil faceThis photo was taken by Mark D Phillips. He later wrote a book, "Satan In The Smoke: A Photojournalist’s 9/11 Story” is Phillips’ first- person narrative of the media frenzy created by his image.
The image is ©Mark D Phillips, and the image cannot be reprinted without written consent from same.
demon face
devil face
demon in smoke
During the first half of the animation above, the picture on the left can be seen.
Notice these pictures (below) that were sent to me in March 2006; look at the top of the smoke, where the face is and sure enough, it looks like a demon with large fangs and horns that curve backwards.
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Face in smoke newspaperanother face

Discoveries in Bible
face in smokeFace in smoke 9-11
face in smokeface in smoke
The two pictures above were sent to me as-is.