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The Process Church of the Final Judgment

Text from William H. Kennedy, Satanic Crime, pag 23-24, 2006

Although it is now defunct, no discussion of modern Satanism would be complete
without reviewing the strange saga of the Process Church of the Final Judgment.
The lineage of this Church can be directly traced to Aleister Crowley via Jack
Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. The Process Church was started by two former
Church of Scientology members named Robert and Mary Anne Moore DeGrimston
in England in 1965. They soon began recruiting rich young people into their cult.

The Process Church of the Final Judgment had a Satanic theology in which Jesus
and Satan were different aspects of the same Divine Being. In their apocalyptic
purview, the DeGrimstons believed the world would erupt into global war which
would be ended by a return of Jesus and Satan. Jesus would judge the Living and
the Dead and his other aspect Satan would inflict punishment on the unjust.
Members were encouraged to worship both Jesus and Lucifer in their clearly
diabolic belief system. The Process Church also began to adopt Nazi-style
symbols and language in their diabolic theology of death and destruction. The
primary symbol of DeGrimston’s organization looks very much like Hitler’s
swastika. (44)

As the cult spread to the New World, they encountered Charles Manson and The
Family in San Francisco. Manson was also a former Scientologist who claimed that he
and Robert Moore DeGrimston were “one and the same” at his trial in 1970.
Manson claimed to be Jesus and Satan at the same time and wrote an article for
the Process Church magazine. Author Ed Saunders was sued by the Process
Church for suggesting that members were somehow involved in Manson’s Helter
Skelter program of murder and mayhem. Saunders conceded and removed the
offensive passage from his book The Family (1971). (45)

Researcher Maury Terry was likewise sued by the OTO for claiming links between
them, the Process Church, The Family and Son of Sam serial killer David
Berkowitz in his book The Ultimate Evil. No OTO or Process Church member was
charged with any crime while being active members of these groups. Bobby
Beausoleil was no longer involved with Ken Anger or LaVey when he butchered
Gary Hinman. Likewise, no Process Church member was ever charged with
murder in relation to the Son of Sam shootings. However, Berkowitz claims to this
day he was part of a Process Church offshoot, but no one takes his claims
seriously as he originally said his neighbor’s dog Sam ordered him to kill those
people. Terry settled out of court but still promotes his book, which makes the
same assertions. (46)

Eventually, Robert Moore DeGrimston suffered from sexual problems with his wife
and requested she allow him to bring another woman to their bed for a
threesome. Mary Anne refused and this led to the entire collapse of the

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