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The Rise in Satanic Crime

Text from William H. Kennedy, Satanic Crime, pag 25-26, 2006

A philosophy of life that centers on selfishness and disregard for all forms of
authority will inevitably lead to criminal activity. LaVey had ties to organized crime
and claimed Las Vegas gangsters were his role models. He pimped women in San
Francisco’s red light district throughout his whole adult life. It is no wonder that
his disciples like Susan Atkins went on to perform heinous murders. The Black
Pope’s Satanic teaching has influenced a variety of criminals who also claimed to be
Satanists. This is not to say that the Church of Satan or any of its offshoots are
responsible for the criminal actions of others, but their publications and related
media certainly encourage illicit activities.
There are also other Satanic groups which espouse violence and criminal activities
behind the veil of free speech. Several groups seek to unify Satanists in a final
battle against Christians. Radio Free Satan has broadcast shows which encourages
teenagers to commit suicide.

LaVey’s former followers have also faced legal problems. Boyd Rice was
questioned by the United States Secret Service because of his relationship with
Charles Manson. Rice actually visited Manson on many occasions but was banned
from doing so when he was caught attempting to smuggle a bullet into the prison
where Manson was being held. Charlie had access to an arts and crafts shop
where he could easily have fashioned a zip gun and used Rice’s bullet to either
attempt an escape or kill a guard or fellow inmate.
In a documentary called Speak of the Devil (1993) -- a biography of Anton LaVey -
Boyd Rice, a high-ranking priest in the Church of Satan and mentor of shock
rocker Marilyn Manson, can be seen in a bowling alley dressed all in black like the
Columbine shooters. He speaks of how most Satanists meet in bowling alleys
“working on their scores.” This segment is quite eerie when one considers that
Harris and Klebold bowled for almost two hours before they began their
murderous rampage.

14 Satanic Crime
In a 2002 remake of the CD Music Martinis and Misanthropy by Boyd Rice and
Friends a bonus song is included where Rice addresses the Columbine shootings
and has the line:
“Boyd Rice is the one who did it -- now I've heard the secret news.”
Rice has expressed support for President George W. Bush and, despite his
confession of complicity in the Columbine shootings, was invited to speak at
Shane Bugbee was investigated by the Secret Service when a guest on his radio
show threatened the life of the President. Even after the Secret Service visited his
home, Bugbee still commented on the 2004 election by stating that “If you're not
voting with lead, it’s not worth a fucking vote.” (51)
With these sorts of exemplars it is no wonder that Satanic crime is on the rise.
The constitutionally protected Religious Satanists like Rice and Bugbee are
encouraging and celebrating violent acts to the Self-styled Satanists who most often do
not belong to any formal organization and tend to form small cults, many of
whom engage in illegal activities and use the literature and teachings of LaVey and his
acolytes as ideological justification for crime.

The case studies which appear in the following pages trace cases wherein selfproclaimed
Satanists committed acts of murder as part and parcel of their religious
practice. Chapter Two deals with Charles Manson and his unhinged band of
Devil-worshiping maniacs. Chapter Three covers the case of “Son of Sam” serial
killer David Berkowitz. Chapter Four reviews the “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez
and his fiendish murders. Chapter Five looks at the case of Ricky Kasso, who
ritually killed his friend in 1985. Chapter Six relates the career of Norway’s
“Wolfman” Varg Vikernes, who was sent to prison in 1993. Chapter Seven covers
the sick crimes of Satanic killer Joe Fiorella and his coven who performed an act
of ritual necrophilia. Chapter Eight assesses the crimes of Columbine shooters
Harris and Klebold and their relationship to Satanism. Chapter Nine addresses the
case of Satanist Jeff Weise, who shot up his high school in 2005. Chapter Ten
deals with the case of Rodrigo Orias, who decapitated a Catholic priest as a tribute
to Lucifer in 2004. Chapter Eleven tells the true story of Andrea Volpe, who
butchered a girl in a Satanic ritual wherein she was considered an embodiment of
the Virgin Mary. Chapter Twelve delves into the case of Mark Dutroux --
Belgium’s Satanic child pornographer. Chapter Thirteen reviews groups like the
Skull and Bones Society and its off-shoots--and seeks to determine if there exists
any links between these exclusive groups and the more grass roots variety of
Satanic criminals.

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