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by Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Ancients also had a sort of faith in the prophetic words spoken by those whom they believed to be possessed by demons, and this was often a component of ancient oracles. In connection with this, it is important that a teacher respected modern psychology once witnessed a friend who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia make a specific and surprising prophecy that turned out to be perfectly accurate.

The professor had no explanation for this event. ouija board still tempted to assume that there is a link between altered mental status and psychic ability. Some also associate the Oui-ja board with demonic prophecy, and those who have seen Linda Blair in The Exorcist will recall that this was how her character's problems began. (Source: www.djmcadam.com)

It happened, we were going to prayer, we went out to meet a young woman who had a spirit of divination, which, guessing, gave great profit to their masters. (Acts 16:16)
This passage explains most of the phenomena of clairvoyance and divination occult

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