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Matthew 4

The Temptation of Jesus (Mark 1.12,13, Luke 4:1-13


1 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.
2E, having fasted forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.

3Chegando then the tempter said to him: If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

4But Jesus answered him, It is written, Not by bread alone doth man live, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

5Then the devil took him to the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple,

6e said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and: they shall bear thee up in their hands, so that it never strike your foot against a stone.

7Replicou Jesus unto him, It is written: You shall not tempt the Lord thy God.

8Novamente the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory;

9e told him, All these things will I give thee up, down and worship me.

10Then Jesus ordered him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written: worship the Lord thy God, and serve him only.

11Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------


The text seems to tell us that the temptation of Christ was a necessary step that Jesus began his ministry. Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit so that he could be available to the devil, or rather, the temptation of the Devil. Jesus had anthropological attack the three spheres: the body, soul and spirit. Jesus was probably teleported to the desert to be tempted by the devil, but it can also be that Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit to go through the ordeal.


The first point of attack of Satan was seeking to fill a physical need of Jesus, for Jesus will eventually complete a consecration to God which required him to abstain from food for 40 days. The fact that the text say that Jesus was hungry instead of thirst suggests that Jesus fasted abstaining from solid food and drank water. But it is likely that fasting has been full of Christ, we know that the human-body can not stand long without water, but when the person is in a state of spiritual elevation or in a trance, she goes to a ball superhuman and these needs are met the spirit.


The Devil is not just a symbolic representation of evil, he is an intelligent entity that develops reasoning and perception of the world around processes information and makes decisions according to the opportunity that appears before you. If Jesus was hungry, the ideal would be to start a conversation about the issue of hunger feeling was that Jesus and the devil proposed a magic solution, instantaneous, using supernatural power, the devil suggested that Jesus used his spiritual power to meet their needs.

Maybe the devil tries to seduce Christians with the gifts of science (revelation) to get the numbers LOTTERY to win fabulous prizes and solve their particular problems. The Devil offered Jesus output immoral and illegal to resolve their problems and physical materials. Here lies the first kind of diabolical temptation, diabolical solution to their problems. The Devil offered Jesus to transform this simply rocks in food, did the miracle of transubstantiation.

Otherwise the Devil act is to suggest that the servant of God to use the spiritual gifts to pamper yourself, here we see how the devil takes some preachers of the gospel who has the gift of preaching to make it a means to enrich themselves, many evangelical preachers live with such luxury that the popes of the Middle Ages, became beggars nearby these emperors who make their real designations companies with high revenues and cashing while on the mission field if one spends money negligible.

We should not be concerned with the Globo Organizations, should be concerned as the Devil is working in believers, leading them to make the Gospel a method to raise money as in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, that money is then transferred to the Rede Record , and on the pretext that it is for the work of God, the Devil meets more than the globe.

The Temptation of Christ shows that for the Devil is more important to divert a Christian's right to take care of the wicked that are already subject to his will.


The Devil offers Jesus the kingdoms of this world, the devil said that everything is behind him and he wants to give. At no time did Jesus challenged this assertion of the Devil, that because he has the same power over the Earth, this power he got when he convinced Adam and Eve to follow their advice to eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil, there was an alliance between Satan and mankind, represented by Adam and Eve From the beginning of the world that this domain of the Devil on Earth has been the subject of atmospheric disturbances, climate change, the destruction of fauna and flora, and especially in human suffering through wars, diseases, and the greater power of the devil over men: DEATH.

The Devil has influenced all sectors of human life, be it politics, education, family, labor relations, religion and so the world convulses as a patient about to die. The devil rules the planet and its hatred of God is such that his desire was to destroy once and for all the Earth, special work of God, and this just does not happen because God does not allow your domain is unlimited.

The devil never made an offer to someone as great as it did for Jesus, the Devil gave up the dominion of the earth, since the Son of God, let go a mission to save the world. In Revelation chapter 13, we see the Devil relating with two Beasts, and the First Beast seems to be the man who in the future will receive the power of Satan to rule the Earth, will be a governor Universal Planet. Someone who will make a special covenant with the devil like this that the Devil wanted to do with Jesus.

ONLY GOD serve and worship ONLY HIM

The principle of all sins and the worst of them is idolatry. The objective pursued by the devil from the beginning is the worship, to be the target of attention and have the angels and the men under his control. We are all born with a tendency to want to be recognized and admired, it is a seed of evil, because we are created to worship God. All honor and glory be to God. When Satan tempted Jesus loves submit it by bribery, and bribery was high, it was the government of the planet earth, Jesus refused to worship him and the Master made clear the reasons why they would not worship him: ONLY GOD IS WORTHY OF WORSHIP.

Throughout history Satan has tempted away from this ideal man monotheistic worship the one God, nothing makes Satan happier than someone loves him, but he has used thousands of mythological characters, folklore and religious to achieve his purpose. There is no doubt that when a person pays worship and prayer invokes in any real or imaginary creature that is not GOD, this person is committing the sin of idolatry and therefore this worshiping Satan through one of its thousands of disguises.

One of the things that the Devil loves most is the open worship, in various cultures, as in Umbanda and Candomblé Quimbada the Devil manifests itself folk character called Zé Pilintra, Eshu, Old Black Dove Gira and other figurines of these cults . These ceremonies are often violent with animal sacrifices and clear demonstration spirits that are contrary to God The Devil loves these types of services, as well as the Black Masses and other satanic rituals. When the Devil was manifested to Jesus he wanted full communion with Christ, an open relationship, the way that most pleases the devil, when the person knows that worshiping a spirit of Evil


Satan saw that bring Jesus to his side playing openly with him was becoming impossible, he turned to his most splendid coup, falsely interpret the Word of God. Thanks to this trick the devil had seduced a third of the angels of heaven, and then taking the word which God had spoken with Adam, not only misrepresented it in your direction as well as citing it in a distorted way. The plan worked twice at important moments in the history of the universe.

Now before Jesus the devil had another chance to bring the Messiah to fail, he could not do God to sin, but he could defeat the man Jesus. As God, the person of Jesus was invincible, but as a man he was subject to the same weaknesses that we and limited intelligence and wisdom. Knowing this, Satan suggested that Jesus would use his psychic powers to make public statements for the purpose of power pure and simple self promote. So how does the Israeli Uri Geller, the devil wanted Jesus to sin by self promoting with demonstration of supernatural power, and to induce him to error, the Devil even said that Jesus would have divine support in doing this, because God would send angels to protect him, as it is written in Psalm 91 says that God would send angels to your feet will not stumble on any stone.

Jesus showed that he had been prepared as a man to face the devil and he demonstrated it by perfect knowledge of biblical theology and the Lord immediately refuted the Adversary also in quoting Scripture passage that says: "Do not tempt the Lord thy God." We see millions of people professing Christianity, and did not even take the Bible for worship, but worse than that, they have some skill in using the Scriptures, and even more its leaders are preachers of selected texts, just preach upon verses of blessings and wonders, not teaching the whole Word of God, not calls for holy and pure life away from the pleasures of the world and the flesh, not urges to fight the devil, being relegated to this medieval figure (nothing better for the enemy) and finally the church is becoming a humanistic society and preaching about hell became obsolete and considered drawbacks.

The prophet Hosea said by the Spirit of God: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."


In the course of the life of Christ, the devil alternated moments of great approach as in the beginning of his ministry as we are meditating on the passage about the temptation of Christ, but certainly in other time also the devil tempted the Lord, like the time it took Peter to say that he would never let Jesus die, and he yet without understanding God's plan right thought he was showing love to God, when in fact I was being used by the devil, Jesus immediately rebuked Satan was inspiring Peter to speak would prevent God's plan of salvation through Christ's atoning death on the cross.

The life of Christians the devil also alternates moments of temptation and times when it moves away for a while, the devil knows that the variation in spiritual warfare tactics can lead the believer to relax when things are going on well in your life, or can beat the servant of God by suffocation and tribulations. Besides the more the variation of temptations can lead the Christian to be confused and think that quiet is a blessing, when in fact this being seduced and in case of blatant temptations can awaken Christians to become even more fervent and faithful to God.

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