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Reviewed by Valdemir Mota de Menezes

This film was reported as based on a real case. I watched him on TV, now in 2010, well after the launch. But the many years I have heard of this movie. This film has a "why" of evil and diabolical, not only in your script with in your publication. I've heard reports of people who were spiritually disturbed after watching this movie. Do not recommend it for sensitive people. Although the scenes of violence and terror are minimal compared to many films of the genre, there is a subliminal message in it.


The critical point of view, this film can also be studied taking into account the relationship with demonism and Law. As the courts and tribunals face demonic possession. For though men can not be considered without excuse when they commit crime under satanic influence, can be taken into account that in many cases people have committed a crime that had no intention of performing it. If this is proven, the legislation could at least slow down the sentence. It is logical that this would lead to legal chaos, because the "bastards" of shifts when they had no alternative to be acquitted, would surely appeal to demonic forces to evade their criminal responsibilities.

Psychiatry and demonism

I speak as having a certain knowledge of the facts, because during the years 1985 to 1997 I worked with exorcism and had dozens of experiences to expel demons in Brazil and Uruguay. Some cases had a suspected chemical, brain dysfunction, but still had demonic influence in the apparent mental illness in patients.

In the case of movie EXORCISM OF EMILE ROSE came into question the incompatibility of using spiritual remedy (exorcism) and psychiatric drug (the famous drugs), as some would have witnessed a doctorate in anthropology in court in defense of the priest exorcist, saying the remedy would block the spiritual energy which prevented healing of Emile and eventually contributed to her death. I honestly have no definite position on this issue, taking medicine may mean a lack of faith in the spiritual liberation, beyond what the symptoms are just psychological, the remedy would be poisoning the patient.

The central theme of the film is the failure of exorcism Emile Rose. I, as I said, I drove out many demons in my life and I confess that has also failed. In many cases the exorcism fails for lack of faith and spiritual power of the exorcist, in other cases a lack of real will of the patient is free from the things that bind with the devil. I remember a case of a boy who was praying for him two days until the demon out, and when I say two days I meant two days of uninterrupted ...

The physical was too big for me, however, was much more to the patient who was screaming and writhing. There was a moment I had to stop that spiritual struggle because I could revesar with another pastor, but the patient had to bear alone that physical wear. Seeing him weakened and I stopped for another day marked the continuation of the process of liberation. What happened thanks to God. In the event that Émile Rose (I mean the real case) probably the priest may not have considered the physical limits of the victim who was already undernourished.

Disturbances DEMONIC

The film portrays the fact that hardly demons appear visibly, but they approach the victim causing her terror and fear. In the case of Emile Rose, she began to hear voices and see monsters. The priest also became the victim of disturbances and even agnostic lawyer.


Unfortunately Émile Rose died under the influence of demons and the devil gave the coup de grace to appear for Emile like the Virgin Mary, asking Emile accept death to go to heaven because, if she would continue living a life of suffering because her body belonged to demons.

Surely this view Emile was demonic because Maria has no power to save anyone, no paradise for anyone to take the promise of the Bible is the redemption of body and soul, for we have the promise of bodily resurrection and immortality complete. God would not leave the body of Emile with the devil and still say that she does not want to die would have to endure a life of suffering. Thus, contrary to the promise of deliverance which is so often done in the Bible.

The Devil always uses this argument in the minds of the weak: "It is better to die than live like this." In the Bible shows that the prophet Elijah when tired of life, stopped under a tree and waited for death, why not take it anymore suffering. Scripture says that God sent a bird to take food for Elijah and then Elijah said to continue that God still had plenty to do through him.

Finally, the film informs us that after the death of Emile Rose, many people began to make pilgrimages to the tomb of Émile in search of herons. As the people are easy to be deceived by Satan!!! A person who had in his body six terrible demons after death is worshiped and people are going to find these demons without being able to see who are delivering these demons. How easy it is to deceive humans!!!

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